5-Point Checklist: A Guide to Renting While at a University

There’s a lot you need to know if you’re opting for a house for rent for students. But it’s important to know all these things before you sign any contract to ensure that you’re completely aware of your rights and responsibilities, as well as that of your landlord’s.

rent for students

Here are seven crucial things you need to be aware of when renting while at a university.

  1. Accommodation options

While you’re in another country as an exchange student, you can go for a private accommodation, like a flat or shared house. This offers more freedom and privacy because you can choose the kind of house you want to live in, unlike a university hall. You will have to deal with utility bills, though.

  1. Budget

Aside from the monthly rental for a Brisbane students accommodation, you will have to pay for electricity, gas, water, phone and internet, and TV licence if you opt to live in a flat or apartment. It’s important to choose a house that’s dedicated to full-time students, though. Any rental property that is occupied by at least one non-student will be liable for council tax.

  1. Condition of the property

Before you commit to a house for rent for students, be sure to examine the house thoroughly to avoid any unpleasant surprises once you move in. Look for signs of mould on the walls and ceilings. Make sure that the roof is in the best condition. It’s best to ask your landlord when the last time the roof was repaired or inspected. Also, ask for proof to ensure that it really has been repaired recently. Another thing you need to check is pest infestation. You should also make sure that the heating system is going to work in the winter.

  1. Condition of the interior of the house

If you’re staying in an ACU student accommodation or other types of student housing and there are appliances and furniture included, be sure to examine them well, too. Switch on the appliances. If they don’t work, seek assurance from the landlord that they will be fixed or replaced before you move in. If you don’t get them fixed before you move in, you’ll have to wait until they’re repaired and put up with faulty appliances, which could cause fire accidents.

  1. Contract

If you will be living in a Brisbane student accommodation cheap option, you will be signing a contract or tenancy agreement. If you’ll be renting the place as a group, it would be better to have separate individual contracts so that you will only be responsible for your own rent and room.

Under the tenancy agreement, you will find the following things:

  • Names of all tenants
  • Dates of the beginning and end of the tenancy
  • Address of the house for rent for students
  • The amount of rental you will be paying every month
  • Due date of rental
  • Mode of payment
  • Bills you have to pay, if any
  • The amount you need to pay or a deposit
  • How the deposit will be protected
  • Terms on terminating the tenancy
  • Specific rights, restrictions, and responsibilities

Be sure to read the tenancy agreement carefully, especially the part that stipulates your rights and responsibilities. Make sure that it is fair for all parties. Also, check how your rights are going to be protected with the contract. For more details, visit their website at: https://studentone.com/