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Factors to consider when determining the kind of chicken to breed

About 17% of Australian chicken meat is produced by Queensland; a 350 million dollars contribution to Australia’s economy. Part of the reason why Queensland is leading the pack in poultry farming as the rest follow is that most farmers make use of the improved genetics of poultry birds together with the increased demand for chicken meat. This, therefore, means that if you are looking forward to chicken farming, then you need to act now. If you have decided to take this route, most probably your first dilemma will be on where to start. This is because there are a plethora of chicken breeds to choose from that it can be so confusing. This article provides a guide on where to start before you contact chicken wholesalers for a purchase.

First is the climate

The conditions of the place you live in will most likely determine the kind of chicken that you should get from chicken wholesalers. This is because there are chicken breeds that adapt better to hot conditions while others better to the cool climates. When it comes to a climate as unpredictable as Australia where there are extremes of both temperatures, depending on the exact state that you live, you can determine the best breed of chicken for you; given that some states are hot and others cold. Leghorns and New Hampshire reds, for example, are the best for hot temperature areas while breeds like Australorps and Sussex for cool climates.

Determine your need

Before you make a call to any of the poultry suppliers Sydney has today, you must have first determined the reason that you need the chicken for. Is it to have fresh eggs on a daily basis, or whether you want it for a pet or for meat supply? Sometimes it could be all these factors combined. For example, if it’s for eggs that you need the chicken, then you will best order for layers like Sussex and Leghorns. Isa browns, on the other hand, make great pets.


You also will have to consider the amount of space that you have available for the chicken. This is necessary as different chicken breeds have different habits. There are those that love to run in small backyards or in an enclosed space while others love a free space. Therefore, it’s necessary as you consider the type of chicken you are going to order from the chicken wholesalers. Then you have to keep in mind the amount of space they are going to live in. This is because at the end of the day you would want your chicken to be as comfortable as possible. Australorps, for example, do not mind a small space while RhodeIsland Red love to flap their wings in a massive space.

Deciding on the kind of chicken to get from the chicken wholesalers often is a task as different breeds have different requirements. This guide will offer you the best ideas on how you are going to navigate this. For the best chicken, find chicken wholesalers in places such as

The Interesting World of Dog Boarding

For a dog lover, having to go on a vacation or a business trip while leaving your beloved dog behind can be quite difficult. In the past, you would have had to leave your dog under someone else’s care such as a family member or a person you entirely trust. You would have to give this person a key to your home to watch your dog. However, this situation would cause some anxiety as you wonder whether your pet is receiving proper care. Today, the best option under such circumstances is boarding your dog. If you are looking for homes that offer services in dog boarding Perth has numerous options available.

Aspects to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Boarding Facility

There are some factors you should bear in mind when you are considering boarding your dog.

  • One thing you need do is establish whether the kennel can house your dog as most of them are usually full during the holiday season.
  • You need also to walk around the home and see how the staff treats the pets. In so doing you can determine if they can meet the requirements of your dog. Be keen to assess the cleanliness and maintenance of the place.
  • Inquire whether your dog will have a kennel where it can sleep as well as its diet. If your pet has a unique menu, you can find out if you can provide for it during its duration of stay. Additionally, you can ask whether the pet will exercise regularly and meet the people who will be in charge of it.
  • Another crucial matter you should ensure regards to vaccination. Confirm whether all the other dogs have received immunization. Any reputable dog boarding Perth has for its clients also ought to have a vet who can handle any problems that your pet may have.
  • Other crucial things you need to be concerned about while looking for the perfect boarding are ventilation and lighting of the kennel, temperature, and the bedding comfort. It would be better if you can find a dog kennel that is similar to the environment your dog is familiar with at home.
  • Medication is also something you should consider. Ensure that the pet boarding kennel has enough supplies for any special health requirements your furry buddy may need.
  • You should also confirm that your dog will be safe in the dog boarding Perth home and that it cannot get away from the facility. There is a high possibility that your pet will try to leave to look for its beloved owner, so this should be an important evaluation factor.

To find a good dog boarding kennel, you can ask acquaintances and family members for recommendations. You can also check with local veterinary doctor and pet stores to see whether they have any references.

If you are satisfied with the above considerations at a boarding home, you can pack your bags and go on your desired trip. You will be able to relax since your pet will be in a home away from home.