Discover Properties of PVC Compounds

They are a common sight almost in every sector. We see PVC products in manufacturing industries, packaging, and medical sector among others. However, do you know some of the properties of the product that make it so versatile? Well, experts in PVC compounding companies describe it as a general-purpose plastic, with applications in almost every sector. For more information, please click on the following link: polymer production plant.

The features and qualities in PVC compounds depend on the molecular structure and the chemical composition of the structure. These terms may sound technical for ordinary users but experts working in PVC compounding companies or any polymer manufacturing company is familiar with them and can explain every aspect of the product to a willing customer. For that reason, when you want to buy PVC compounds for any use, it is important to buy from recognized suppliers that can give you relevant information about the product.

While plastics may look very similar in function, the PVC family has distinctive features in terms of its performance and function, which separates it from other versions of plastics. Reliable PVC compounding companies often stock a variety of the products for customers to select according to their needs.

Unlike other plastics with only hydrogen and carbon atoms in their structure, PVC compounds demonstrate chemical stability that is rare in other forms of plastics. Here are some of the most outstanding features of PVC compounds.

They have fire-retarding quality: due to chlorine content, PVC products exhibit strong fire retarding properties. These compounds exist in different forms, as you can find from reliable specialty PVC compounds suppliers. Even in the absence of fire retardants, the compounds still maintain their ignition temperature, which is as high as 455 degrees Celsius.

Based on the purpose for which you want them, users can customize PVC products to suit their needs. With custom PVC compounding companies, it is possible to have your product in a design and quality of your choice to meet the needs of your project.

PVC compounds are durable: since they resist oxidative reactions, PVC compounds exhibit high degrees of durability. Besides, they maintain their strength even after several years. Research reveals that PVC pipes buried underground for several years, still appear as functional as new products even sixty years down the line. This quality is very rare in other forms of plastics that have only carbon and hydrogen in their structure.

They are oil and chemical resistant: In addition to durability and fire retarding qualities, PVC compounds have the property to resist acid, alkali, and other inorganic chemicals. While they can dissolve in some aromatic hydrocarbons, they remain non-soluble in many organic solvents. For that reason, they are ideal for use in gas pipes, construction sheets, hoses, and bottles.

PVC compounds are mechanically stable: the products remain chemically stable, with little change in their molecular structure. Only long chain polymers can undergo some creep deformation due to external forces. However, most PVC compounds are viscoelastic and can maintain their strength and mechanical stability.

From the properties they exhibit, PVC compounds are so reliable for various domestic and industrial applications. Other properties that make them so versatile include elasticity, flexibility, and their ability to prevent microbial growth among others.

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