How to Get a Good Property Management Company in Caloundra

Becoming a real estate investor in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, involves spending a lot of money and time in researching property markets as well as in engaging in activities that will maximize your income. This can prove tedious and that is why it is important to hire one of the good companies dealing with property management Caloundra has to offer.

Many real estate owners feel they do not need a property manager and they can perform all the duties on their own. This is a misconception because property management is more than just collecting rent – it largely involves preserving and maximizing your property’s capital value and income.

Hiring a property management company is a decision that requires much thought. If you are particularly getting into real estate investment for the first time, judging different management companies may be difficult. Whether you are running residential or commercial properties it is important to consider several management firms before making your final decision.

Below are some tips to help you find the best suited property management Caloundra has for your investment.

Reference from other investors

Be free to talk to various property owners in Caloundra and in other parts of Sunshine Coast. Which firms and agents have they used in the past? By this you will be able to have a few names of the most credible Sunshine Coast real estate agents. It is advisable to put into consideration the negative and the positive comments aired about the various references. Ask questions about their fees structure, how they collect rent, their method of recovering rent arrears and how they handle maintenance and emergencies.


You would be surprised on the number of unlicensed management firms that are there in the property management Caloundra industry. Hire a licensed firm that is also part of an organization that can confirm that the company is reliable and competent. Look for a firm that has agents who are aware of the current market trends especially on the prevailing rates in the market.

It would also be appropriate to hire an experienced real estate agent. Having been in the field for a long period of time, they would be able to handle a variety of challenges both in commercial and residential properties

Legal issues

Since the management firm acts as link between you and the tenant, challenges are definitely going to occur as some tenants tend to be difficult. A reliable firm should have policies they have put in place to protect you legally and financially. Ask questions such as “How do you deal with breach of contract on the side of the tenant?” In case a tenant is to be evicted for unpaid rents, what system does the firm use?

With the above tips engage a lawyer before signing the contract and ensure a clause on exit is included should there arise issues between you and the property management firm.

There are indeed many Caloundra real estate agents but definitely not all of them are competent and reliable. If you want your real estate on the Sunshine Coast managed to your best interest, contact Henzells Agency, the most respected company in the Sunshine Coast.