Keep your automatic gates functional with these top pointers

Your property gate is your residential or commercial property’s first line of defence. However, at certain points in time, even the toughest automatic gate will encounter issues that can affect its performance. That is why you should keep the important components, such as remote controls and the opening and closing mechanisms, in good shape to keep your automatic gate working. This makes entering and exiting your property more convenient without having to get out of your vehicle.





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Keeping automatic gates functional is every homeowner’s dream. To ensure that the important components are kept in their best condition, here are maintenance tips you should keep in mind:


1. Keep the hinges and chains greased to ensure they work seamlessly. Lubrication is important when it comes to automated gates.


Grease is commonly used to help prevent mechnical systems from drying out because of consistent use. Calling the experts to help you do this task will be a smart decision.


2. Schedule a full checkup with your installers. What better way to ensure that your automatic gate is in good shape than by having the experts conduct a full check-up. Do not wait until the last minute before deciding to ask the experts for a full maintenance service.


Cleaning also helps ensure that there is no debris inside the system or remove any insect breeding in the crevices. You can also check for cracks, gear faults, and wear and tear on all components.


3. Perform a battery check. As time goes by, the batteries of your automatic remote controls become corroded. There are even cases when the electrolyte fluids dry out, causing the remote control to stop functioning. If there is something that you do not understand, contact the professionals for answers to your questions.


Companies, like, are known for providing quality tune-ups so your gate will run smoothly. They have a team of experts ready to assists you in tuning up the battery or finding a replacement.


4. Avoid service interruptions. It is not recommended to switch the gate off while in the middle of its operations. This should be avoided as it can easily wear down the automatic gate opener.


There’s nothing you can do about power interruptions, but you can definitely monitor any changes in the motor based on the sound it makes while opening or closing.


5. Keep your driveway clear. Be sure to remove any debris and overgrown plants found or growing near the gate. One of the many reasons why automatic gates with remote controls stop working is due to something limiting its movement. If you ignore this problem, your automatic gate will develop apermanent problem in closing or opening smoothly and efficiently.


These are just a few pointers to ensure that your electric gate functions as intended. Take note of these pointers in keeping your gate in tip-top shape.


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