Things to Consider When Choosing a Psychologist in Newport Beach

At some point in life, you, your relative or friend may be overwhelmed by life issues and need help to deal with the problem. When such a time comes, there is no need to feel embarrassed; there are millions of people with psychological problems across the country. These problems include family situations, dealing with loss of a job, death of a loved one, marriage and relationship issues, stress, depressions, burnouts and substance abuse. These stresses and losses of daily living can significantly debilitate you. A professional psychologist is required to deal with these problems. Finding the right psychologist Newport Beach professional is no easy task; not all of them are qualified for the job. You do not want to entrust your emotional problems into the hands of an ineffective or inexperienced practitioner. Below are guidelines that will assist you to choose a psychologist Newport Beach best.

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Are they new in the industry? If no, how many years have they worked in therapy? Choose a psychologist who has an experience of at least five years in therapy; he has likely handled all kinds of complex cases. Also find out if the psychologist has done their own therapy. One of the best ways to learn how to help people is to experience the healing process firsthand. Do not begin therapy with a psychologist who does not do his/her own therapy.


There are many people who call themselves “therapists” or “psychologists” simply because they undertook an online course. They could have attended a weekend seminar and learned a couple of therapeutic approaches. But, without a graduate degree in a specific field of study in psychology, such a person lacks the skills and the knowledge to provide safe counseling. It is highly recommended to work with a psychologist Newport Beach professional with a graduate degree or better still a postgraduate degree.


A license implies that the psychologist has engaged in extensive training and passed the licensing exam. There are many unlicensed psychologists who have excellent work and many years of experience. But, licensed therapists, generally, are more excellent in therapy since they have undergone extensive training and supervision. You can contact your state professional licensing board to verify the license of a psychologist. Therapists are also licensed depending in their specialization. For instance, if you are in need of counseling due to grief, you may need to look for a licensed grief counseling Laguna Beach expert.


You need to be wary of mental practitioners who practice everything. Professional psychologists specialize in substance abuse, marriage and relationship counseling, depression or stress. Find out if your psychologist has experience in helping people with the particular issue for which you are seeking therapy. Seek out a psychologist with experience in handling your issue. You do not want to be the therapist’s first time client for the problem you are struggling with. Are you a resident of Huntington Beach and have a problem of substance abuse? Seek out drug counseling Huntington Beach experts. Similarly, if you need marriage counseling, look for a marriage therapist Huntington Beach professional.