Three Tips to Find Great Dog Walking Services in Brisbane

Most dog owners don’t take their dogs out as often as they should for many reasons. Some owners simply don’t have the time to spend with their pet, while some are afraid they can’t control their pet. If you’re one of the many owners who want to keep your pet active, but can’t find time to walk them in your neighborhood regularly, then you can definitely get the help of dog walking services Brisbane.
Dog Walking Services Brisbane
Why You Need a Good and Experienced Dog Walker
Dog walking services have become a great solution for many pet lovers. More and more dog owners choose their services to keep their beloved pet active and healthy, even though dog walking might look just as simple as holding the leash and walking your beloved pet around the neighborhood.
However, many bad things can happen in an activity like walking a dog. Common problems include a dog pulling for the direction he wants to go, lunging forward, barking at strangers, and fighting with other dogs. For the inexperienced, walking a dog can be a dangerous task. This is why you want someone who is skilled and capable of controlling your pet, as well as trustworthy.
What to Look for in a Good Dog Walker
Your dog should like his walker.
Dogs are territorial and loyal animals. You have to gain their trust before you can control them. They require affection and a good dog walker has some kind of ‘dog-whispering skills’ – in which he is warm and inviting towards your pet to establish a good relationship. If your pet is usually shy or slow to interact and warm up with other people, then choose someone who is patient and will let your pet set the pace.
A dog walker is not a dog trainer, unless he really is.
You should know that people will do everything to sell their service. In the case of finding a dog walker, you should know that a dog walker is not a dog trainer  unless he really is. When searching for dog walking services Brisbane, you should establish what you’re truly looking for as there are many things involving troubled dog behaviors.
A well-trained dog walker knows how to handle your pet and keep him in control, without learning scientific sound methods and the technicalities of canine behavior. If the dog walker says he is also a trainer, then look for qualifications and certifications.
Look for a dog walker who listens to your instructions and understands your dog’s needs.
Just like humans, each dog is unique and each has its own special needs. Maybe your dog has a very sensitive digestion and easily gets diarrhea whenever he eats things he’s not used to eat – such as frozen dried liver treats and other brands of dog food, etc. Maybe your pet is uncomfortable around people, especially cuddly children. Maybe there is something bothering your dog that keeps him from walking further. Your walker should listen to your instructions and should spot problems the second they occur. 

You should know that not all dog walkers are equal. There are tons of companies out there that offer dog walking jobs Brisbane, but not everyone has the passion to take good care of your beloved pet. If you’re looking for a reliable and skilled person to walk your dog for you, then check out the dog walking services Brisbane of, a company of dog lovers who will take care of your pet for you. For more details just visit us at