What Should You Expect From a Brisbane Luxury Pet Accommodation Facility?

Sometimes, you might be required to leave your pet behind as you travel. Although it is not easy to leave him or her, you need to ensure that your dog or cat has a comfortable, safe place to stay while you are away. If considering boarding facilities for your cat, get in touch with your vet and friends for recommendations on the best Brisbane luxury cat accommodation available.

As their customer, boarding kennel personnel should treat you in a business-like and friendly manner. The kennel’s customer handling procedure is a reflection of the awareness they have over their responsibilities. Good customer care also gives you an insight on how well your pet will be treated once in the facility.

Some of the things you should expect from a service that provides luxury cat or dog accommodation in Brisbane are listed below.

Human resource

Although kennel work is sometimes physically difficult and demanding, the workers in the kennel should always be neat and clean. They should also show a high level of concern and understanding for your pet by asking questions, how they handle animals and the attitude they have of your pet.

Kennel Grounds Appearance

Brisbane luxury cat accommodation grounds and offices should always be well maintained and neat.

Availability of Rates

Before you consider a luxury pet accommodation facility, it is critical that they provide you with their rates once you ask for them. Ensure that you understand the breakdown of boarding costs. Be on the lookout for hidden charges that are likely to turn to nasty surprises later. Most kennels have checkout times, if you pick your pet after, you should expect an additional expense. While some kennels charge by the day, others are by the night.

Boarding Contract

Luxury cat accommodation Brisbane facilities should always offer you some boarding agreement that clearly stipulates your rights and responsibilities of the kennel. The boarding agreement or contract protects you as well as the kennel from misunderstandings that are likely to arise.

Operation Hours

The days and hours of operation of the business should be clearly indicated whenever you step into their offices. If the kennel is closed during holidays or weekends, respect and note the policy. In the majority of cases, during these days, pets are exercised, fed and facilities maintained and cleaned. However, the offices are closed, and there is no staff to meet customers.

APBG Membership Certificate

Association of Pet Boarding and Grooming (APBG) is a non-profit organization established by kennel owners. A luxury cat and dog motel in Brisbane that is a member of APBG makes a public commitment ensuring ethical practices and an assurance that the business is subject to the APBG ethics program. As a pet owner, hiring the services of an APBG business means that you have a higher body, you can call on in case of a problem. The APBG is committed to ensuring that kennel owners:

Promote the highest standards of animal care

Project a professional image of the industry

The organization’s website is also an excellent source of information on pet grooming and boarding that will help you choose a kennel bound by the association’s code of ethics. Acacia Ridge Pet Resort is an APBG recognized Brisbane luxury cat accommodation facility that offers boarding facilities for your pets. For more information check on this site: http://www.acaciaridgepetresort.com.au/ what they can do for you and your pet, get in touch now.