What to Do During Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen without warning. And they could occur at late hours when the world has gone to sleep. When such emergencies do occur, do you know what to do? You are at an advantage if you have set a visit late night GP Brisbane has available. But while the doctor or paramedics are on the way, you can do the following.

Call 911

When you encounter a medical emergency, you need to call 911 or your local emergency hotline. Whether or not you know what to do, you need to call help for emergency cases to respond to the situation immediately. The agent at the other end of the line can also give instructions appropriate to the situation while the paramedics are on the way. If you have a companion at home, have him or her get help while you attend to the individual in jeopardy. If you are nearby a Smart Clinic, you can opt to rush the individual to the emergency department for immediate after hours medical care.

Stay Calm and Safe

It is common to lose self-control during medical emergencies. However, panicking can only complicate or worsen the situation. Stay calm and do a quick survey of the scene for your safety. Is it safe to go near the individual that needs your help? If the scene is clear, approach the individual and assess for presence of pulse and breathing. Call out the name of the individual and assess if responsive or unconscious. Aside from 911, you can also call your regular GP or get a visit late night GP Brisbane has available during the time.


Every minute of any medical emergency is precious. If you detect absence of pulse and breathing, do CPR. Basic CPR is easy to learn and 911 agents are trained to instruct callers how to do chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The CPR you give could save the life of the individual while the response team is still on the way. You can also seek a nearby after hours doctor to call once breathing and pulse have returned. Position the client to a comfortable position away from harm.

Better Safe than Sorry

Emergency hotlines respond to calls whether they are false alarms or real emergencies. Do not be embarassed to call for help even if unsure if the situation is an emergency. It is better to be safe and sure before the situation becomes uncontrollable even for the paramedics. Emergencies include chest pains, fainting and dizziness, loss of consciousness, and profused bleeding. If a family member has an existing medical condition, it is better to avail of the services of after hours general practice. Have the number of the clinic or the GP anytime.

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